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Helping Piece Together Athletic Success!

Ottawa's LTAD Leaders For Over 10 Years

"You not only impressed upon the parents, the huge role that nutrition has on competition but also on the boys. The refs, scorers and other parents asked after the semi-final match, "what did you feed those boys? - they sure have a lot of energy!!"
Coach of Fusion 15U Boys Volleyball Team

Summer Conditioning Program for Competitive Athletes

Once again SportsCan will be running a summer conditioning program designed to bring your athleticism to an elite level.

This program runs twice per week for the months of July and August with our certified personal training staff.

To register into the program please click here for details.

What is FMS?

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a ranking and grading system that assesses movement patterns that are key to normal function movements.

The FMS is based on 7 key functional movement patterns (squat, hurdle step, lunge, shoulder mobility, leg raise, push-up and rotational stability).

By analyzing these movement patterns, the trainer is able to identify functional limitations and asymmetries in the athlete. These are issues that can reduce the effects of physical training and sport skill development, but most importantly they can distort body awareness that can lead the athlete to overuse injuries and long term pain.

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Spaces in each age group are filling up fast.

Don't miss out on Ottawa's #1 Summer Long Skill Development Program.

Register now and take advantage of Ottawa's top summer long skill development program.

Our program is available in both Beach and Indoor volleyball along with the option to be a part of both.

All our athletes receive personalized video skill analysis by our certified coaching staff along with a low coach to athlete ratio that ensures optimal feedback at each training session.

If you're serious about playing at the highest level, learn what changes are needed in your game and the progressions that will help ensure you make them before next season.

Registration for NCCP Courses in Ottawa

SportsCan will be running a NCCP Making Ethical Decisions on June 7th and Module A on June 27th & 29th.

If you are looking to complete your NCCP Making Ethical Decisions or your Module A, be sure to register today. The courses will be held at our SportsCan studio located at 2825 Duaurier Ave. Ottawa, Ont. (accross from IKEA).

To register for either course please click the link below.

Our Coaches Can Help Make Your Athletic Goals Reality!
Nutrition, Conditioning, Mental Preparation, & Video Analysis

With the ever increasing requirements of the competitive athlete to fully develop their potential, the volunteer coach cannot effectively deliver all necessary technical and tactical elements in addition to educating their athletes in the area of Nutrition, Conditioning, and Mental Training.

Our Mental Skills Coaches, Sports Dieticians, Athletic Conditioning Coaches and Video support Coaches will work with your current coaches to develop team ancillary training that can be delivered before, during or after practices. This training can range in length from 30-minutes to 90-minutes and will be customized to meet each teams requirements.

The Ancillary Coaches will work with coaches to determine the greatest needs of their team and develop a strategy to address the needs of athletes that fit within the seasonal plan.


Physical Literacy is more than just Sports!

This video was created by the Canadian Sport for Life Alberta Community Recreation & Sport Work Group as part of a project funded by the Alberta Sport Recreation Parks and Wildlife Foundation to promote Physical Literacy and the Canadian Sport for Life Movement.

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Interesting Fact of the Week

Recent CHMS accelerometer data indicate that only an average of 7% of young people attain the recommended level of 60 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity per day, with 9% of boys and 4% girls engaging in the recommended 60 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity on at least 6 days per week.
(Source: Colley,R.C., Garriguet,D., Janssen,I., Craig, C.L., Clarke, J., & Tremblay, M.S. (2011). Physical activity of Canadian Children and Youth: Accelerometer data from the 2007to2009 Canadian Health Measures Survey. Statistics Canada, Health Reports, 22 (1), Catalogue no. 82-003-XPE).